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Large Business Solutions

Alcatel OmniPCX Office

Manage your phones better and you'll mange your business better. Check out the latest Alcatel Handset range!

Esstech can tailor a solution based on the OmniPCX Office series with a view to controlling your costs - in a variety of ways.

Today, not just big companies but small and medium businesses too need advanced e-communications to compete and grow. Meaning LAN infrastructure, LAN service, email capability and internet access PLUS an advanced telephone system, Internet, voice and data.

Which is precisely what the pioneering Alcatel OmniPCX office provides. In addition, it's innovative; it's simple to acquire, to use and to own; and it's modular which means it's flexible, scalable and can be tailored to meet your company's unique needs. As a result of which, it's highly cost-effective.

You run a Medium Sized Business

With a variety

Maybe you run a bottling plant, an import-export business, a travel agency or just about any other kind of enterprise. Your needs are multiple. Alcatel Business makes it simple.

Stay in Control. Save Money.

Alcatel Office Business's management features are designed with your company's bottom line firmly in mind. They cut costs through solutions link cost control, traffic analysis and employee performance measurement.

Link up. And Save Money

Your company makes a large number of calls between different company locations? Then go for a special linkup. And save money. The systems ARS (Automatic Route Selection) module helps reduce costs by finding the lowest cost way to route calls. With forced on-net functions, your calls are automatically routed over the private network. The advantage? Again you save money.

We have got the answers.

Alcatel Office Business really does mean business. In other words it is a total system for for any kind of business requiring up to 128 extensions. A system that delivers the solutions to meet everyday business telephone and telecom needs. Which means everything from a straightforward telephone system to solutions covering greeting, every kind of terminal, mobility, teamwork, multimedia, multisite and management.

The system also includes a unique solution made-to-measure for the hospitality industry. Hotels of course - up to 99 rooms - but also clinics, student halls of residence, and so on. A unique telephone based solution that will boost your staff productivity, enhance customer satisfaction, and optimise telephone income generated by guests. With Alcatel Office Business no matter whether your needs are simple or not so simple, the Alcatel solution we supply is simple. Everything about Alcatel Office Business is designed to make your employees' work easier and to do so make them - and your business - more productive.

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